Once, i asked my friend, 'what is the best way to start a presentation'. 'Start with a joke', he replied. Now coming to our topic, We have a great Prime Minister and equally great young people. Don't get offended for comparing youself with our prime minister, but it is the fact. The only difference between him and us is, we have facebook account to share our personal opinions. From childhood, i've been suffering from a doubt, 'who exactly are the youth in india'. I mean, Rahul vinci is considered as youth leader even though he is in his mid 40's. If not getting married is only the criteria to be an young fellow in India, even our former president APJ Kalam is also an young one. So i entered a search string in Google, the only thing we're perfect at, it resulted age group of 13-35 is considered as youth but they are going to scrap the same for the new standards of 16-30. So, most of the people whom you and i think are not youth in India anymore, slap them if they say they are youth leaders or so. 

Well, if i need to talk about the original youth in India, most of them are pursing or in pursuit of finding their jobs. remaining smart fellows had chosen to work over study. Engineers are on roads or in rooms to check the build quality, by the time doctors come out of their colleges they'll not be treated as youth, MBAs are testing their fortunes with day dreaming and walk-ins. What about the people who got jobs, the situation of their's is more funnier, they dont remember what they've studied and they don't know to whom they're working for. Still, India is young because of one good reason, our reproduction capabilities are better than many others in the world. You know, some people are even taking that as a full time job to produce and produce more. We can at least beat China in one aspect, if you can see the bright side. By 2020, the average age of Indians will be 29. what that means to us, nothing, but we may need to build more rooms to host engineers and more walk-ins need to be carried. India is shining, Yes, it is! but what about Indians. Of course, Indians are also shining but in other parts of the world. 

You can classify the youth into two broader categories one is 'what happens' category and other is 'who cares'. According to me, most of the Indian young fellows will fall under 'what happens' category, the people in which thinks about India and its future at one or other point of time in their life. the people in that category, like me, shares patriotic pics, updates some stupid statuses and writes some silly articles like this even after they know that it wont make any difference. This is actually an interesting category, these people will shout in public networking sites to support Lokpal bill but none of them in this category will go and participate if they conduct a rally about the same. They share about missings children, Assom riots and every damn thing under the sun but wont help their own mom in any aspect. That is why i compared youth with our PM, i wish our PM have some FB account so that he can also shout along with 'what happens' people, though he cant/wont to anything productive

Personally, i love the second category 'who cares' people. Really, they don't care about anything, even if they come to know that some asteroid is going to hit earth. They just go and do their work for unknown and never seen client for some thousands of bucks to enjoy the candle light dinner and to jump till every drop of water in the body comes out as sweat in some discotheque. These fellows never create any problem unless the call rates hiked or message plan lifted. I saw hundreds of people sharing the pics with ' 5 sms a day' theme, even im one among them. For god sake, what will happen if you dont send messages for 15 days, will your girl leave you? If it is the case, it is better to leave rahter sticking to her with some 100 stupid messages a day

 I think Indians are the most optimistic creatures on the earth, we didnt loose our optimism when Brits were robbing our country for over 200 years and we waited for them to complete their job and to leave India. Even now, we are optimistic that India will become a super power in near future (note that, no quantitative period is mentioned). I feel funny when someone says India has 'unity in diversity', i can see only diversity but not the unity. India has never been united from the times of Kings and kingdoms to the period of states and territories. Which state in India is not fighting with the neighboring state. Cricket is the only thing in india that will keep us united, unfortunately, those fellows also not playing well.  
Our youth needs some leader or icon to tell us our problems, are we so dumb to identify our own probs? yes! we are. We get goosebumps while watching 'Satyamev Jayte' and we forget the same by the next hour. We shout against Indian corrupted government until we feel hungry. Our young and youthful directors,who wont pay their taxes, make movies on corruption, funniest part is we make them the biggest hits. Everyone who cant make his own coffee wants to make a difference to the country,of course, making coffee is not a prerequisite.  

No matter how we are, India will shine, i told you na we are optimistic...;)