Have you ever asked anybody this question, “Where are you from”?  Well, the answer would be the obvious one, ‘I’m from this state or from this place’; it is near to impossible to expect an answer ‘Im from India’.  Yeah, I do agree that we are not on some foreign land to give such a weird answer. But, what I was trying to convey is we are suffering more from regionalism over nationalism. North Indian people hate south Indians, south Indian people look down at East Indian people, more funnily, and Most of the East Indian fellows don’t even know there is such thing called India exists. I don’t blame Brits for dividing and ruling us, coz, we were never been united apart from that independence movement, thanks to Brits. We’ve been fragmented from the times of kings and kingdoms to the times of states and territories. (I had already used this phrase, but using it again as the ‘situation demands’)

There is a reason why Tagore had prayed, ‘God! Let my country awake where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls’, he had foreseen the future. We have Bengalis, we have Tamilians, we’ve Marathis and Marwadis, but we don’t have Indians. That is the basic problem with Indians; our blood has filled with regionalism over nationalism. 


All the Indians will be united only in two occasions,

1.    1.   When India plays cricket with Pak and

2.       When Pak declares a war on India. 

Sadly, we’ve some exceptions to even those two cases also, because of some asses who don’t want call themselves as Indians.

I don’t understand when people say, people from the other region are stealing out their jobs or something. If someone wants some job, they better to be damn competitive over blaming it on others for their unemployment. Aren’t we having a freedom to move from one part of the country to other? If it is the case, how can we expect some foreign country hosts us by sacrificing their jobs.

I just want to quote an example over here, when the Telengana agitation was at its peaks; people broke the sign boards of the Andhra bank and destroyed the furniture of the same bank just because it is bearing the name ‘Andhra’. We are very immune to Royal bank of Scotland or Citi bank but we are not able to tolerate the name of Andhra. How silly it is! It is not the case only with Telangana. I can say Sivasena is acting as the father of modern day regionalism, and everybody else is trying to imitate by burning the sensitive issues.

When we have to work under the same constitution, it doesn’t make a big difference under which state we will fall. And I don’t know what big development we’d achieved by bifurcated Madras state, im talking in relative terms not in absolute terms. Still, Tamilnadu is more urbanized that Andhra or even Karnataka. Things won’t change when just the border changes, it is in the mindset. We’re not in United States, in which states have flexibility to write their own terms.  

More no of states will give opportunity to more politicians. Why India needs over 30 ministries when the economic super power, US, settled with around 15 ministries? Coz, our politicians need some chance to earn big chunks of money, the case is same with states. More no of states, more no of politicians will be in power, more opportunities to rob.


If we keep on splitting India, we may have to see some thousand states in near future.

Be an Indian! Think like an Indian!!