I decided to tell facts, the facts everybody knows but quite a few are ready to accept. Actually, we are living in a dream, a dream that was carefully constructed by every Indian, and nobody wants to come out of that. I feel silly when someone says ' I love India', seriously! What option does he have. Everyone has to love their country. I can understand the love when some foreigner says, i love India, but when an Indian says, no, i don't understand the logic behind that. Yeah, we have seen lot of rapes and drama around those rapes these days. Raping a lady is acceptable to some level, don't get me wrong here, but some bastards are raping kids of 4-7 years of age. The kids don't even know what those bastards are trying to do, apart from crying out in pain. I would suggest them to become gays, if they are so desperate to have sex. I didn't understand the concept of globalization, but now the picture is getting clearer, like in Videocon HD tv. We are importing the culture of man raping his own daughter, son trying to take advantage of his own mother. Great! We're developing from the stage where we taught world, how to live, to the stage where we forgot the fact of living. India is no more a living country, the pure India had died long back.

The common point that was repeatedly said by supports of 'man'kind, is their short dresses have aroused them. But i have not heard of any incident of a girl trying to rape a boy just because he wore boxers and sleeveless tees. Of course, we have to admit that, the boys have natural advantage over girl, you know what i meant, right? Coming to girls, it is always their wish to show whatever they have to whomever they want. But see, there are some cautious measures to be taken before doing such things. Let me tell an example, if i see a girl in mini's in Hyderabad, i don't mind much, coz i see them every other hour, but the same me stares at the same mini if that girl come to my village. I guess, you got the difference. If a chicken has to go to fox land, in which foxes are very hungry, the chicken must be cautious to take a step. Let me make myself clear, im supporting neither the perverted bastards nor the girls in 70% naked dresses.

These days, after rapes, the most happening thing is IPL (i chose not to call it as cricket). Im unable to judge whether they are playing on a stage or on a ground. Whatever, we just need entertainment, and they are providing the same. I can see one great development with IPL, even the fellow in remote village is betting on some or other team. So, it expanded its presence from metros to rural villages. Now,what we call it as, United India.

I don't want to talk about corruption, every Indian, including me, corrupted that topic long back. But i would love to talk about the people who are hailing the corrupted politicians. We people are celebrating the 100 days or one year of jail life of corrupted politicians as if they were jailed of freedom fight. The magnitudes of corruption in India is at spectacular level, i mean, no record can hold before us. India may looks like a mountain, calm and peaceful, but it is actually a volcano, waiting for its time to burst.

India is hosting 55 billionaires according to Forbes, and the number is increasing rapidly. Cool, isn't it. Well, let me flip the coin, India is hosting 1/3rd of world's poor population. Hold on! Our ministries have the different figure, they can eradicate the poverty over-a-night simply by changing the definition of poverty, did i forget to mention, we are the smartest people on the face of earth.

It is not the smartness of illiterate politicians that amazes me, but the stupidity of educated Indians. We are so cautious before choosing a dress which may last a year or two, but we don't even try to think about some rat asses who gonna rule us for the next five years, before casting our vote. I don't know who said laziness is our enemy, but i must disagree with him. I feel, doing nothing is way better than doing something wrong. Try to imagine, what happens to India when every jobless fellow try become a politician or thief ( though there is not much difference between them). How many of you know about the 'scam' Raja and how many of you know about Manik Sarkar. I don't wonder if somebody asks me, 'who is that Manik Sarkar?'. No, i don't want to tell, just Google it, you can find out. The problem doesn't lie with those rat asses,  but it is with us. We would love to listen about the newer scams, so that we can shout out loud against them on a Facebook or on a twitter page. After all, a honest politician wouldn't be of much help when we want to do something against rules, isn't it? I interacted with many people who belongs to different parts of India, sadly, i hadn't have a chance to interact with a person who is an Indian.

We may have many problems, but all our country needs is responsible citizens. We don't need to stop our vehicles at red light, when the time is 1'o clock in the night and when there is no traffic, i can call it as over action. But we need to follow rules to some extent, if not like rules Ramanujam. I don't want anybody to become lord Buddha or lord Rama, but we need to live by ourselves.

I cant find a place to stop this article, but i have to at some point. And that point had come, will come with the next article, soon.