It is undeniable and unarguable fact that India is growing, but the question is in what fronts. Well, my point is that India is growing in the aspects it shouldn’t grow and it not where it should. Confused! Let me tell you in more detail, India is growing in terms of size of the scandals from some 5000 crores to around 2 lakh crores but it is not growing to provide basic needs to its citizens.  India is growing in terms of population in geometric progression. But India is not growing with such a rapid rate in positive aspects like economy, equality and poverty. Funnily, India is shrinking, yes! In terms of area. Why there is no Indian occupied Pakistan or Indian occupied China. But we have those areas, thanks to our greatest leaders.


The thing that worries me is, we are used to scandals. I mean, there was such a huge drama when the first scandal (who knows, there could be many before that also) of independent India, BOFORS (click to redirect to scandal page), saw the light. Even the ruling part, none other than our congress, had to lose their elections just because of that scandal. But now, we became so immune to scandals, it became our daily routine to listen some or other scandals on every other day. Is it the way we wanted our India to grow? Damn, our annual budget itself stands at somewhere around 15 lakh crores, but we’re experiencing scandals worth 1/7th of annual budget. That simply means, we, the mango people, are paying that cost. Had the 2G or coal allocation done properly, we would’ve save some 12% more than what we’ve saved. It is our pockets which are getting affected with every scandal. Technically, our great UPA government is robbing our homes and our incomes. The average hike in the salary one can expect in India will hover around 10%, but the inflation rates are dancing at more than those levels. So, we are losing our purchasing power with every passing year.

But still, India is growing.

I read somewhere, no of ministries is directly proportional to the no of ways to rob. So, our politicians are inventing new ways to rob us, after all they are also left with some brains. I know that there is a very thin line between good and incapableness, but our government has crossed that line of good long back and became incapable one. I think we are having enough people and enough no of probs in India, but still, why are we so generous about allowing refugees from Bangladesh and other countries. Oh, I guess to make it grow further!

We are having over 570 monkeys to fight, to chat, to shout in monkey cage called parliament. We have such a great monkeys to fight over a damn cartoon when we have several other problems of which people are dying. I feel like appreciate our leader monkey, Speaker, for not slapping any one of the other monkeys. I don’t know what to name for the people who elected those monkeys as their leaders, suggest me if you can.


Hosting the world’s costliest house is not development, from the top of that we can see the Asia’s largest slum. Im not sure whether India as a country is developing or not, but the disparities are developing, the rich-poor gap is widening. India is hosting more no of billionaires than ever before, at the same time, one in every third poor fellow on the earth’s face is living in India. Do we call it development? Recently, I read the biggest joke of the decade; our great Indian government is planning to distribute a mobile phone to every Indian. Seriously, our government is trying to eradicate the poverty in India by distributing cell phones, as it is the revenue generator for the poor people, lol. The best thing our government did to reduce the poverty was, redefining it. Yes! Over a night, poor people in India came down to half, what an intelligent idea!!


It is not just the problem with the government; it is the problem with us also, who can receive the culprit of 2G so grandly as if he won some Olympic medal. We can sit for hunger strike demanding the release of some asshole who looted us for several thousands of crores. It is us who can eat popcorn while listening to some scandal in a television, it is us who can forget the same scandal when surf the next channel.

India is growing! We’ve more no of buses than ever, we have more no of people than ever, and we’ve more no of stupids than ever. So, undoubtedly we growing in many aspects; I wish and pray for the growth shouldn’t be limited to those areas only….