”Change alone is eternal, perpetual and immortal”, Arthur Schopenhauer
Okay, let me admit, I don’t know how that quote relates to the following article, but once I was said, an effective article should start with a quote, so, I gave it a try. Though he (Arthur) was dramatic, what he said was true. Change alone is constant. Things always change, be it one’s girl friend or a planetary movement, not necessarily in an elliptical way. Adopt or perish are the only options to chose if any changes occur. Philosophy aside, here I want to talk about the change/transition that our nation is undergoing.
Our general elections are coming up; Indian cricket team has been ranked No.1 for quite a long time, above all Sachin, the master, is waving goodbye to cricket along with one billion aching hearts. I hope things change with our politics too. I’m a typical Indian, I love cricket, I watch movies, I hate politics and I’m doing a govt job, ironically, I hate it. I heard someone saying, humans and frogs are two species on the earth that will get accustomed to any change, and Indians lead that race. A change can only create ripple among Indians and we don’t care about ripples as long as no Tsunami hits us. But after frequent visits, even tsunamis will be treated as ripples. Don’t agree? Let me explain, When Bofors scandal saw day light, it shook India like a tsunami, PM had to step down. When 2G spectrum scandal surfaced, it hit us as a cyclone, but the same tsunami turned into a ripple for coal-gate scam. Remember? Humans get accustomed to change.
The change that is going to hit us (only time can answer whether it is a ripple or a tsunami) is General elections. No matter who will be crowned at Delhi, we are going to witness some change, be it 44 year most eligible bachelor aka youth icon aka Rahul Gandhi or daring aka controversial aka Narendra Modi aka NaMo. Rahul Gandhi can mourn over his grandmother’s assassination on dais while tens of small scale blasts can happen around Modi’s meet place. Ever wonder why our stock markets are hovering around all-time highs while our fundamentals are cracked. Do you have any idea? Neither do I. But, according to floating rumours in D-Street, investors are optimistic about Modi’s win in the upcoming general elections. But real reasons are ultra complicated which I don’t want to discuss here.
 Rupee is falling, GDP is shrinking, inflation is rising and it is happening; the change. I used to travel on the same route to college for six long years; it was a concrete road when I first travelled then it became NH when I travelled last. The poor people in India were 28 Cr when I understood the term poverty, now that figure stands around 40 Cr. So, things change. The only thing that unchanged is Ahluwalia’s full meals cost, he can still have it at Rs. 15. Waist-to-ankle long dresses have shortened to waist-to-waist long, 3 Kg onions cost us more than Paradise’s Biryani, even MMS taking decisions like not to attend commonwealth meet in Sri Lanka. Everything changes; even MMS is not an exception.
The bottom line of the clumsy write-up is, don’t adopt the change so easily (i’m talking about bad changes, not a change in congress govt). Resist it, Fight against it, then adopt it. When you resist, when you fight, you will come to know what exactly the change is, and how to adopt it without getting hurt. Change is inevitable. Do change, but not so rapidly..