Why India and Pakistan are fighting for Kashmir?? Don’t they have any other place to fight for??? What is so much special about Kashmir to fight for and to spend billions of rupees. When exactly the war has started for Kashmir????

The war has started for Pakistan at the moment of partition. Yes, just at the moment of partition. What was there behind that? Actually there are many ‘so called’ secrets lies behind the partition, particularly in the case of Kashmir.  Louis Mountbatten was the last Viceroy General of British ruled India. By the time British men came to consensus that they are ready to declare independence to india, Indian freedom fighters/ Politicians were not ready. Muhammad Ali Jinnah demanded for the separate state/country for Muslims. The last General Batten was very fond our first Prime Minister Nehru but he felt differently about Muslim leader Jinnah. He stated ” If it could be said that any single man held the future of India in the palm of his hand in 1947, that man was Mohammad Ali Jinnah” about Jinnah. Whereas Jinnah argued for Muslim representation in a united India, Nehru and the British grew tired of negotiating and thought it would be better to give Muslims their own homeland rather than try to find a solution that Jinnah and the Indian National Congress would agree on.


At the time of independence, Kashmir was ruling by Maharaja Hari Singh. Kashmir was filled with the majority of muslims while the ruler was an Hindu. The choice was left to the Raja to decide to which country Kashmir is going to related by Mountbatten. He originally maneuvered to maintain his independence by playing off India and Pakistan. But as the rumors spread that the Raja is giving the Kashmir to India, the riots had started from some muslim tribal. Before to that India and Pakistan has signed on an agreement that they will not interfere until the matter settles. Unfortunately the riots became stronger ones. Maharaja asked india for the military help, as India signed on the agreement they could not do anything like military movement. Riots almost reached the boarders of Srinagar, and the Raja desperately needed help from India, as the Pakistan govt will not help against Muslim community. Before their arrival into Srinagar, India argued that the Maharaja must complete negotiations for ceding Jammu and Kashmir to India in exchange for receiving military aid. As the Raja got no other option he signed on the INSTRUMENT OF ACCESSION, which resulted in first INDO-PAK war which has never ended (that war was ended in 1948, officially).

There has been many rumors( may be truths, who knows) that Nehru and Lady Mountbatten, wife of Mountbatten, had an affair which lead to the partition of india. Even though Jinnah had proposed for separate territory for muslims, he was in a position for united India with the good Muslim representation. From our country, Gandhi was very particular about united India. Mountbatten had put some deadline to decide over. Nehru was the first one to accept for the bifurcation. It is said that Lady Batten was behind his words. The affair between Nehru and Batten was  well-known one. 


French author and philosopher Catherine Clement, who has written a novel on the romance of Nehru, Batten pointed out, “Edwina in her letters to Lord Mountbatten has written that her relationship with Nehru was mostly platonic. Mostly, but not always”. Actually he made a movie with that backdrop which was banned by English Government. Even the daughter of Lady batten Lady Hicks admitted that there was an affair going on between her mother and Nehru, though it was not physical(?).

According to Lady Pamela, who travelled and stayed in India with her parents (Earl and Lady Mountbatten) for 16 months when she was a 17-year-old, her mother's love for Nehru created an an extraordinary emotional triangle in the midst of a major political upheaval.

She said: "It amazes me that 60 years on people are still so fascinated by them. When you think that Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India, an incredible man, and that my mother was an amazing woman, and that both left an extraordinary legacy to history, it's odd that the only thing people want to know is: Did they go to bed together?”

Whoever might be the reason behind that dispute, now Kashmir is burning. Kashmir has three parts which are owned by three different countries ( India, Pakistan, and China). China came into the picture of Kashmir after we lost the war to China in the year 1961.

Administered by



 % Muslim

 % Hindu

 % Buddhist

 % Other


Kashmir valley

~4 million




~3 million





~0.25 million

46% (Shia)




Northern Areas

~1 million


Azad Kashmir

~2.6 million



Aksai Chin


These were the stats given by BBC( British Broadcast Cooperation). Let us hope and pray for the permanent solution for the Kashmir issue….