“Liberty is the breath of life to nations” said Sir Bernard Shaw. We got our second life after our Independence from British on Aug 15th 1947. Wish you all very happy Independence Day.

We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made!" -- Albert Einstein.  

Independence Day is a good time to examine who we are and how we got here. India is the country which believes in unity in diversity. It is the country which had given enormous contribution in the field of ancient science & technology, astrology, mathematics, architecture, metallurgy and especially in terms of culture, civilization and values, our contribution is incomparable.

Where are we now after 64 years of Independence, we are ranked 73rd  out of 111 countries in terms of Worldwide Quality-of-life index, in terms of per capita GDP ranked 138th  out of 183, in Human Development Index 2010  ranked 119th  out of 177 countries. These are the comparison criteria when ever some so called economist compares our country with the other economic power house.

We always compare ourselves with countries like USA, European countries, stop comparing this, they are dollar driven countries, they are even ready to pay 40 $ for parking, will any of us be ready to pay that money for parking we are not even ready to pay our taxes, if they increase our tax by 50 paisa

Yes I do agree with these statistics, but what about their population and our population. We are a billion people, and other than China and United States, all other top economic super powers have less than ten crores population, which is roughly equal to a single state in India, we have 19 states with more than a ten million population. Our country is bigger than these superpowers, so our growth will be slow. So let’s not simply blame ourselves for these things.  It is ridiculous to compare Singapore, Hong Kong, with India. They have a population of 5 and 7 million respectively. Will you compare Lamborghini car with a train? Never right!! If u wants to compare cars with something, compare it with the cars. We have Mumbai with almost same GDP with double the population of those city states. If our population is low, we have lesser problems, so definitely we can provide basic amenities to majority of the population, but a country like India and China, it will take many more years to achieve this, so let’s not compare our country with other minute so called countries, we will definitely end up in inferiority complex. And again don’t compare our country with China, China is a communist country, they can achieve whatever they want. All the decisions are taken by 24 members Politburo which don’t need the any ratification from anyone, but India is a democratic country, all the decisions has to be ratified by the Parliament and the assemblies of 28 states and 7 Union Territories. The slow growth is the price which we pay for our democracy, we are ready to pay more for multiplexes, but we don’t have to pay for democracy? This is unfair. Democracy gives the right for freedom, not to tolerate corruption, but we just want our work to done in a quicker time and even we are ready to pay bribes for that. At the end we simply blame the politicians. To stop corruption, we don’t have to be fast, if each and every citizen becomes a responsible one, corruption will stop automatically. A common man cannot do that, but a literate person can do that, many of us have the courage and guts to fight, but we don’t want to fight, because in that time, we can earn some more money, then how will this country will grow???                                                                                                                                                              

JFK once asked,

 And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country” These words not only for the Americans but for all citizens.

Every citizen in India believes they are great, even I believe I am greater than anyone in this world, I can conquer the entire world. We have a billion Indians who loves his country with all his heart what else this country need,. If we cannot do, no one can do in this world, we are the best in mathematics, if a thing is not possible for Indians, then it is not possible for anyone in this world. But the problem is we are not even trying, we are running behind the MNC’s instead of starting a MNC. I wish the Americans and Europeans stop outsourcing to India, then we would have no IT companies to recruit us like slaves, then we will concentrate in the manufacturing sector and the real service sectors. We are really not started our manufacturing sector, we are mining and exporting mineral ores and the European, American and Chinese companies process them and sent back us as processed goods, majority of automobile manufacturing companies are located in India are American and European companies, which located their plants here for cheap labour and minerals, we are working for the profits for their companies, once those companies find another cheaper labour countries, they don’t even mind to close these factories and walk out. We are producing half a million engineers a year, cant we open a Aerospace company, defence manufacturing companies and export to the entire world, we can but we won’t.

Hitler once said Do not compare your-self to others. If you do so, you are insulting yourself." 

Don’t give some false reasons, we are very much habituated to criticize India, we have all the necessary resources to make this country a great power.

In spite of all these economic problems and with a huge population, India is one of the very few country which is giving free education, free food, free electricity to the farmers, stop criticizing the country, many of the students are not ready to take risk and to become entrepreneurs,  we are not sure about our talent, we Indians are born to won, but what actually happening is, instead of taking risk, better get placed in 5L package, we don’t even know the CEO of the company, we will work for the company and the company work for the European and Americans, and every week we will get 2 days holidays every day,  if people like us want to live with just a comfort life, our country will never grow, higher education is a luxury in India,  less than 0.01% students have access to high profile colleges like IPE, we are not only studying for ourselves, we are studying for the other 99.99% who couldn’t make in to these institutions, we have a social responsibility and we need to take care of our country. Indians in 1980’s studied for supporting his family, in 1990’s for his community, in 2000’s for his country and now we are studying for supporting this world. If we want to live our life with a passion, then we have to work hard, but if we just need a flat, car and a credit card, just be happy with the job in IT companies.

Indians are so brilliant to become bosses, India need more bosses, India need more entrepreneurs, India need more companies, India need more infrastructure, not just the engineers and Doctors, we need manpower in all the fields and we need managers, real managers to manage that manpower. As rightly said by a very famous speaker and comperer once, the days when the Indians were chasing for the jobs almost ended, we are in a period, where the Indians are going to provide employment to the world countries. That time period is not in a very distant future.

                           I proudly and loudly say I am an Indian.

                                                                      Jai Hind!!!!