Adolf Hitler, a name that scared the world for over 15 years, a name that acted as synonym for a country, a name that killed 15 million people, a name that built an economic super power. How can one see this man, as a dictator, as a politician, as an army general or as an economist or anything else? When people are talking so great about Abraham Lincoln who became president of US from nothing, why not people talk about Hitler in the same way? Is it just because he was the reason behind Second World War or anything more than that? What made him to be so cruel? Well, Adolf Hitler is not just a person, he is the history and he had been a mystery. Let us try to solve that mystery and try to read that history.

Precisely, Hitler wasn’t born on the land of Germany; he was brought to German land by his father from Austria in his early childhood days. He was arrogant from his childhood days, arrogant in the sense he always liked the fights. He didn’t like his father and teacher who always used to beat him up. But he loved his mother. He had one younger brother who died at the age of 10 with some health issues. It dejected him a lot. He was so irritated about his school; he tore the school certificate and used it in toilet. He hated the world around him. He wanted to join in Fine Arts College, but Academy of Fine arts rejected him twice because of his “unfitness for painting”. With someone’s suggestion he wanted to join Architecture College, but they asked the school certificate to give an admission. Frustrated Hitler joined the German Army, he served the German army in World War-I.   

He loved war; he loved the idea of fighting for a cause. He served for German army though he was an Austrian citizen at that time with special permission. For the first few years, he was kept away from the frontline. Later he was assigned to a regiment, in which only 30 soldiers out of 250 left after the war ends. By the time the war ends, he was known for his bravery and awarded with Iron cross first and second class as well as wound badge. Unfortunately, he lost his eyesight in the war, and was sent to medical treatment where he wrote his auto biography “Mein Kampf”. The period he stayed in the hospital was the most turning period in his life; he was in the hospital when World War I ends with the peace treaty (Treat of Versailles) which he didn’t like. He believed that Germany had the power to become the world’s super power.  Moreover, he started believing that Jews were the reason behind the German’s fall in the World War I. Monarch had come to an end and national election had carried out after World War I. with the treaty of Versailles, Germans had to pay for all the civilian damages caused. Most of the terms in the treaty were humiliating to Germans, Hitler didn’t like the treaty at any part and he felt Germany deserves better than that.  

He was recruited to join a military intelligence group of German military, and was assigned to keep a track on German’s workers party. Now, he had the platform to rise as a political power, and he used it very efficiently. He converted it from a de facto political discussion group to an actual political party. He gained popularity with the emotional speech he had given on October 16, 1919. After the World War I, the German political and economic condition degraded rapidly.  There were high levels of inflation (in better words, hyper-inflation), high unemployment rate, increasing rate of poverty, political instability and all. Hitler started to blame Jews for all the things in every speech of him. Germans were in a condition to search for a better hope; Nazi party was the one they could find out.  Name of the party had changed from German workers party to National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) (don’t think too much, NSDAP is the short form of German version of the party’s name). Hitler won the good amount of percentage of votes in the elections carried out, but he didn’t want to form any coalition regime. In 1932, he lost presidential elections to Paul Von Hindenburg but this time he wanted to form a coalition. But, after a short time, Hindenburg died, so, Hitler became consensus successor.  

Under Hitler’s regime, German economy recovered well, if not so great. There was literally no unemployment moreover there were no enough men to fill the available job. Well, it is not as amazing as it looks; there is a kinda loop hole in that. You know, all the Jews were removed from the jobs and they were not counted as employable people. And moreover he started to kill the huge no of Jews which eventually decreased the count of Jews, and also total Germans. He hated the people who were not healthy enough, he declared to kill the handicaps and all other unhealthy people. Historians say that, he was not a healthy person and he suffered from different kind of health issues particularly health issues related to skin. So hated the people around him, moreover, he believed that he won’t live for a longer period. So he wanted the things to happen as fast as possible. Their balance of payments was at alarming levels, exports started to decrease while imports started to climb up.  He had spent huge chunks of money on military, more than 10% of its GNP, which was higher than any other European country at that time.  

He had built everything, strong military, decent economy, warheads required to go for a war. So, what else did he needed, just a war, Yes! It was just  a war. The entire concept of building Germany had revolved around the war only. He prepared for 6 years for the war. He felt that Germans were better than any other people on the earth, so they deserve anything they wanted to have. He started to conquer the small nations and used them as the raw material suppliers for Germany. So, finally the war had initiated, everything went out well for Hitler until the big nations started to participate in the war. He had military personnel, he had war equipment but the only thing he hadn’t was the fuel, he badly missed that point while the others identified the same. So, eventually the fall had begun, and finally he killed himself after killing his long time maid who became his wife just a few days before their death.  


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