Havildar Abdul Hameed, a name which is unknown to the 119 crore 90 lakh citizens of India, made India proud and eventually awarded the most prestigious, Republic India’s highest military Decoration “Param Vir Chakra”,  by sacrificing his life in Indo-Pak war, 1965.

I was wondering, once, why many people are blaming Muslims in India, who are ready to sacrifice their life without any hesitation for their mother land.. Of course, there might be some bastards, sorry I should use this word, who are working for our enemies to back stab us.. but one cann’t generalize their opinion to entire community. As my friend asked me write about Abdul Hameed, I searched for his life history. After reading about his bravery, I really felt bad to be the one among the people of a nation who will blame entire Muslim community for everything happened in India.. Let just put apart the intro part, and just get into the Abdul Hameed’s bravery..


I don’t want to discuss his entire life history, which may divert your interest and concentration, but just an incident happened in the Indo-pak war, 1965. In the new defence plan of the Division, 4 Grenadiers occupied a vital area ahead of Chima village on the Khem Karan-Bhikhiwind road. A firm hold on this area was considered essential to sustain the divisional plan of defence. On September 8 night, the enemy made repeated probing attacks on Grenadiers positions but was frustrated in all the attempts. The most serious threat, however, developed when the enemy attacked with a regiment of Patton tanks at 0800 hours on September 10. The attack was preceded by intense artillery shelling so much so that a shell littered every yard of ground occupied by the battalion.

By 0900 hours, the enemy tanks had penetrated the forward company positions. At this critical juncture, Hamid was commanding a recoilless gun detachment. Seeing the gravity of the situation, he moved out to a flank with his gun mounted on a jeep. Intense enemy shelling and tank fire did not deter him. From his new position, he knocked out the leading enemy tank with accurate fire. Then he changed his position and knocked out another enemy tank. By this time the enemy who had spotted his position brought down concentrated machine gun and high explosive fire on him.

But he kept on firing. As he fired to hit yet another enemy tank, he was mortally wounded by a high explosive shell. Throughout this action, CQMH Abdul Hamid inspired his comrades to put up a gallant fight to beat off the enemy tank assault. His sustained act of bravery and disregard for personal safety, in the face of constant enemy fire, were a shining example, not only to his unit but also to the whole division and were in the highest traditions of the Indian Army. Company Quarter Master Havildar Abdul Hamid was honored with the highest war time gallantry medal, Param Vir Chakra, posthumously.

IT IS WRITTEN IN “QURAN SHARIF” ,THAT A PERSON WHO WILL DIE FOR HIS/ HER COUNTRY WILL GO TO JANNAT AND HE IS CALLED ..”SHAEED”….THUS THE ISLAM TEACHES ….”DESHBHAKTI”? ABDUL HAMEED PROVED IT.  And I hope every Muslim( not only them and every Indian) who is reading this can do it for our mother country, when our mother land needs it….

I just want to end with some interesting thing, Abdul Hameed awarded Param Vir Chakra for destroying three tankers, but actually he destroyed seven(min) in total. Just the two days before he died, his name had sent for proposals to award but after that he had destroyed 4 more tankers( 3 on very next day and one on the day he died)…