Like everybody else, he was introduced to me by my dad. I still remember the words he said, 'his name is sachin and he is the lifeline of Indian batting squad'. I remember the times when my dad walked out of room when he was out and I did the same thing for countless no of times. I started watching his play when I was 8 years old, ie, around 1996 world cup and it happened to be his year. It didn't take much time for me to get addicted to his batting. With out my knowledge, one of the reason became only reason for me to watch cricket. I saw Kambli's cry while coming out of the stadium in the semis of 1996 world cup. I did know that somebody else was also fighting with his tears for not making his team to finals. I remember the happiness in his childish face when he brought India to finals of Sharja cup with the 'storming' 143 against Aussies. The 98* against Pakistan in just 75 balls worth nothing less than a koh-i-noor.
How can one forget the upper cut of short delivery from Akthar, super six of Caddik's ball, leg glance of Waqar's delivery, Straight drive of McGrath's, long-on six of Warne's delivery. I saw helplessness in eyes when he got out on 4 in 2003 WC finals, I witnessed the happiness in the same eyes when we won WC. I don't know how Bradman played and I just don't care as long as I could watch your magic.
How can I forget the day when I watched your play before my SSC final Math's exam by leaving book to desk? How can I forget the no of excuses I made to watch your play? How can I forget the day when I travelled 25Kms just to have a glance of your cover drive?
How can one forget the joy your brought to billion hearts?
There will be no more excuses, there will be no more bunking classes, there will be no more production drops in working hours, there will be no more fights between me and my mom for the remote, there will be no joy in watching cricket, there will be no more cricket for me!!
My mind knows that everything has an end, but my heart stopped agreeing with that anymore.

Thank you Sachin for making me to jump,
Thank you Sachin for making me to fly,
Thank you Sachin for making me to cry out of joy...