In the year 1919, one of the tragic incidents in the worlds history happened that is “JALLIANWALA BAGH” tragedy. Bhagat singh was 12 years old at that time. He was very much disturbed by that incident. At the age of 13,  he decided to go with the freedom movement. He asked permission of his father Kishan singh, his father allowed him to take part in the freedom movement. First he fought against the foreign cloths and encouraged to use the khadi cloths, which was initiated by MK Gandhi.

In the year 1922, congress men organized a procession  in the town of Chaura, Ghorak pur dist. Some people locked 22 people in a single room and burnt them together. Similar incidents were occurred in Mumbai and madras(Chennai now). The non-violent activists condemned these incidents very seriously. Bhagat singh felt very bad for that thing. He felt that they did not open their mouths when 19 year old kartar singh was executed. He though that the non-violence is going to do nothing for the country. He felt that the very thought of fighting for freedom should thrill the young generation.

At the time akali dal arranged a procession, the district collector gave orders such that no one should supply the either food or drink to the activists of akali dal. He broke the orders and supplied the food and water to the activists of akali dal with the help of the villagers. This was the first active participation by the Bhagath singh in the freedom movement.