Well, history is written based on the records which people have about these so called great people. It is important that everybody should know the reality..... .....may be after their death.
It's inevitable that the truth about them comes out after teir death because while alive they are so powerful that they would have killed the concern people. 
Let me elaborate my point: Do you know that still in India more than 50% people (I am talking about uneducated and some of educated) think that Indira Gandhi was daughter of M K Gandhi. Everybody knows contribuition of M K Gandhi in India's freedom movement. So they always thought her as a great person. Not only in India even western people think that Indira Gandhi was daughter of M K Gandhi. Well, Nehru really did not do anything about Indian freedom movement except he demanded to be the first PM of India. So people think her as a Godess. It's true that she was married to Firoz Khan Ghandi (who was a Punjabi-Parsi) . After she had Sanjayand Rajeev they could not get along with each other. Sanjay was with her in India but Rajiv was out of India for education. She kept him away purposefully. Sanjay and she was also not getting along with because he started taking interest in politics and was knowing many of her secrates including her affairs. So she murdered him. 
It's important to take out all these things as people who blame BJP, RSS or even MODI they don't know the one side of their so called leaders which is always ignored or did not come into light. Do you know that how India's partition happened? It was tug of war between two ambitious people: One of them was Nehru (of Indian Congress) and anoter was Br. Jina(of Muslim Leag). Both were Cambridge graduated. Both did not contribute much in freedom fighting movement. Due to Lady Baton's close contact to Nehru (Nehru had an afair with her which was accepted by Mt. Baton) it was most likely that British were going to make Nehru as PM. But Jina did not accepted it and asked for a separate Muslim state. This discussion was held back at Cambridge. M K Gandhi was not interested in power because by that time he had become a spiritual person. If he would have accepted to be India's PM then partition would not have occured as Br. Jina also was acepting Gandhi's leadership. It was clear that if Gandhi will not become PM then Mt. Baton will make Nehru as PM. So Muslim leag gave air to Hindu-Muslim conflict in the area and asked for separate Muslim nation. To avoid more bloodshed M K Gandhi did not have any alternative than to accept ML demands. On 15th August 1947 two nations were created. Look, you are talking about the development which has benefited to only 30-40% of India's population. Just go to tribal areas, villages and slums in India. Why so much poverty is there? Why we are not able to make primary schools available to all villages in all parts of India? Have you been to Bihar and West Bengal? What is the condition of people there? They are living in 60-80 years back era. Only few parts of India are developed ...........not all. You talk about all corruption.. .....who has sown the seeds of this corruption initially? Who was in the power right from day 1? Who has rotten our burocratic system? What do you think that it will be possible for one government to remove all this shit in just 4 years? BJP got into power, but it has also allied governemnt. You cannot blaim BJP for this. Not at all. This chaos is created by congress only. And communist media has been supporting them all these years to tarnish BJP and RSS image. Moreover, nobody has bothered about character building of our politicians as well as government officials.