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"It should not escape notice that gold and silver after circulating in every other quarter of the globe, come at length to be absorbed in Hinduston"

                         ~Francois  Bernier

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Microsoft, Nokia: An ugly affair

Posted by VASUDEVA REDDY on Monday, February 24, 2014, In : economic articles 

Nokia had finally unveiled a Handset which is loaded with ‘the most popular’ OS on earth, Android. The move seems to be strange one when you consider the fact that Nokia has been sold to Microsoft and that deal will be completed by this quarter end. Android may be the most popular OS, but, WHY NOW? To understand it completely, I need to dig into history a bit, bear with me.

PC sales have been declining for the last few quarters; if Microsoft sticks with its desktop business alone, it wi...

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Indian financial system

Posted by VASUDEVA REDDY on Sunday, January 9, 2011,

Indian financial system:

What exactly the Indian financial system. It is a very vast concept, it includes the many things which will take years to complete. I want to give brief introduction about indian financial system, up to my knowledge. Indian financial system basically includes the financial markets, financial instruments and financial intermediation.  And those are further classified. Let us see the flavor of financial system……..

Financial markets:

As you know market is a place...

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