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"It should not escape notice that gold and silver after circulating in every other quarter of the globe, come at length to be absorbed in Hinduston"

                         ~Francois  Bernier

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Petrol prices in India: Mystery revealed

Posted by VASUDEVA REDDY on Tuesday, June 5, 2012, In : economic articles 

Lot of trauma is going on for the last two weeks with the sudden hike in petrol prices. Government is continuously saying that they’ve reached a level where the subsidies are unbearable and also oil companies are running in huge losses. Well, what it means to a common man, I mean, subsidies and all the stuff. Is government is subsidizing fuel heavily and state owned oil companies are running in huge losses. Let us discuss,

I want to paste my FB status over here, of course, which is regardi...

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Rupee: A dancing devil

Posted by VASUDEVA REDDY on Sunday, May 27, 2012, In : economic articles 

You must been heard of rupee’s steep fall in the last few days or weeks. The question that must be posed is, what it means to a common man. Of course, every macro-economic, overall economic environment, change has an impact on every citizen of its country; India is no exception for that.  Well, we’ll go through the reasons for the fall, implications of falling currency and the possible solutions to control the falling rupee.


There is a saying in Hindu mythology, “there are 1...

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World Debt Crisis

Posted by VASUDEVA REDDY on Thursday, July 28, 2011, In : economic articles 

THIRD WORLD DEBT CRISIS, I think many haven’t heard of this as I didn’t till last week. It is not the 3
rd debt crisis that the world has faced (to be precise facing), as the name suggests, but it is the crisis of the third world nations. Seriously, there is a very interesting story, at least I felt it is interesting, behind the world debt crisis. We need to go back to the Second World War time to get good understanding about the roots of this crisis.

The story begins…..;)


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