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"It should not escape notice that gold and silver after circulating in every other quarter of the globe, come at length to be absorbed in Hinduston"

                         ~Francois  Bernier

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Subprime crisis: history, players and implications on India

Posted by VASUDEVA REDDY on Tuesday, October 25, 2011, In : economic articles 

Subprime is the cause of USA Economy slow down.  It is the very popular news among everyone and it is become very serious then expected. It caused more damage to all the industries especially Banking, Insurance and Automobile sectors. Subprime crisis caused big loss to the banks and now it is affecting the other industries like Auto Mobile companies (GM, Ford, etc.). In this blog I will write about what exactly is the Subprime crisis and why USA banks created such a big mistake in their era. ...

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The Lost Decade of Japan

Posted by VASUDEVA REDDY on Saturday, August 20, 2011, In : economic articles 

LOST DECADE… I heard this term for the first when Raghu Vasu, CEO of trandyne technologies asked us about it. I was the one among the several numb people who didn’t know what it deals with. So I searched for it and gathered some data. The following article is related to the LOST DECADE of JAPAN.

Here we go,

The period from 1990-2000 of Japan economy is considered to be a lost decade. Sometimes the decade of 2000s also referred to be a part of lost decades. To understand why it is called...

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Tulip mania - The First Economic bubble

Posted by Vinoth Kumar.K on Wednesday, January 5, 2011,

                 Yesterday night, I was watching the movie Wall Street: Money never sleeps and I came across a term Tulip mania. I was curious about that word because the world famous character Gordon Gekko was saying something about that, as usual I didn’t understand much just like my engineering classes. So for a change instead of facebook, I googled Tulip mania and I came across lot of interesting information.

                 Whenever we come across the word depression or speculative b...

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